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hesitation/popping of the engine at higher RPMs
Hello from Germany, earlier this year I brought the 05257 in US and the car is currently at DMCH, later will be shipped to Europe.

They have installed a new fuel pump with all the parts. Also did a major maintenance.
I have got two videos:

First is showing the initial startup of the car - it's starting right away and has great fuel pressure coming from the new fuel pump.

The other video shows revving the engine a bit harder, and there is a hesitation/popping of the engine a little bit at higher RPMs (seen at approx. 9, 12, and 14 seconds). The car was sitting for a while and old fuel pump was clogged up with bad petrol. The problem might go away after the next couple of tanks but also might stay. They suggest to rebuild the Fuel Distributor und Warm-up / Control Pressure Regulator.

Do you think this is normal and will go away after some driving or should I get the refurbished parts?

Many thanks for your opinions!

The car is not revving past 2500 RPM - the pressure out of fuel distributor is too low.

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