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re wanted driver door and driver rear panel
Hi All
i know this is a real long shot, but does anyone has used or new rear panel or drivers door spare?.

my painted car i am currently stripping. i knew these two were damaged and hoping to save at least the rear panel.

however the more i look at it the more it is telling me it is unsaveable.

Chris N has already said the door would need replacing, but i am pretty both will need it.

obviously Ed has NOS (ouch!), and i may have to, but thought i would put feelers out just in case.

i have already tried Dave H and all his stocks of panels are long gone.

or if anyone knows of any in Ireland......a good used or NOS.

thank you


(if not i may have to buy a NOS drivers rear panel, and get a cheap wrap in stainless effect on drivers door until i save the pennies for the new one!, not sure about fitting the door mistake and bang a new rear window required too!)
Steve Saunders
ex owner vin 1621
doc 370

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