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Blower/fan motor..............
Evening guys and gals!

Anyone know the part number and uk suppliers for the blower motor??

Hope I have diagnosed correctly, fan works on all speed settings and although sounds louder as it spins faster, I don't get much air out of the vents.

Well I want to feel the benefit if Im gonna get aircon'd up at the Eurotec! Big Grin

Are they fairly easy to fit too??

Yes very easy to fit Smile
Cheers for the link Bozzy.

Will do some research on the net now to see if I can get one locally.
you might want to talk to Rich abot that as he helpet me with my fan we revserd the magnets to make it better don,t know if that will help yea out matey
Thats right. If your fan is spinning but not blowing then it's probably decided to start spinning the wrong way.

By turning the magnets around you can make it spin the right way, but it's a bit tricky to do.

I have heard that the volvo 440 blower motor is also the same, but I have not verified that.....if it is, get yerself off to the scrappy! Smile
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I've also been told its a Volvo 440 Blower
Cheers for all the suggestions guys,

I'll whip the old one out this weekend and see what I can find!
Hey pete look at the post Aircon diagram.
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