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The Fast Lane Documentary
Found this last night, apologies if its been posted before, I  did search and no results. 

Great video.
That's a great find!  Will give it a proper watch once the kids are in bed!
Richard Hanlon
DOC 393

1981 DMC-12 VIN 06126
I managed to watch it in piecemeal fashion myself yesterday throughout the day. Very good. It's nice watching it, while it was all just sort of coming together, but knowing how it all ended.
Chris M. Morionem qui loquitur multus sine cogitatione.
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May 1981 vin#1458
"LEX" aka "Wonkey" - Officially used in Britain's Greatest Machines (80's episode) with Chris Barrie.
Grey Wheels
Grooved, flapped Bonnet
Black Leather Interior
Chassis: #1073
Engine: #2839

Main Car(s):

2005 BMW M3 E46 Shape 3.246 Straight Six in Velvet Blue
1999 Honda Civic MB6 Shape 1.8VTi VTEC in Pirates Black
Its fab isn't it.... you tend to think of YOUTUBE with lots of trash and "influencers" gosh I hate that word.... But a lot of the older historical stuff which has often sat there for years then sometimes suddenly gets recommended, gotta love the AI for recommendations.
This was another good one..
(30 Nov 2019, 10:16)er1c Wrote: This was another good one..

What's interesting in that one is they are talking about finding cracking on the upper control arm, around about 40,000 cycles you would have thought the lower control arm would have picked up the same guess not..

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