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Delorean Time Machine for hire in Essex Kent London
Hi All,

After 6 months of massively overhauling my Delorean and drastically improving the accuracy of the Time Machine aspects, I am now pleased to say that it is available for hire in Essex, Kent, London and further afield (by consideration). I am available for any type of work including Weddings (chauffeur driven), TV/Film, Conventions and Charity.

We all know what features a time machine should have, but I will list them anyway:
  • Working time circuits
  • Flux capacitor that…..fluxes! 
  • Digital Speedo with a ‘demo’ mode for hitting 88mph without getting a ticket!
  • Time Circuits On Switch that brings everything to life with the turn of a handle.
  • Status Identification Display (or SID) that can be programmed to scroll messages along its LED display
  • Plutonium Gauges that can be placed in ‘empty’ mode with the correct warning lights and sounds.
  • Mr Fusion that openes and makes the correct sounds.
  • Interior smoke machine! Fill the car with smoke, open the doors and make everyone believe you have just been back to the future!
  • Exterior CO2 discharge from the rear vents. Just like the movie, large plumes of high pressure smoke can be ejected from the rear vents!
  • Actual SCREEN USED parts from a real time machine!
  • Discreet signatures from cast on sun visors.
Our website and Facebook are now up and running:
Delorean Time Machine Hire


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