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Full Set Of DeLorean NCT Tyres
If your interested in a full set of original DeLorean NCT Tyres an ex-owner/member has a set that you can have, He has given me his permission to post this on our forum:

>> I imported a DMC12 a few years ago, with 26,000 original miles.  I was a member of your club for the couple of years I owned the vehicle.
>> The tyres were the original NCT’s fitted at the factory and in fine condition though very hard and not suitable for road use so I changed them and kept the originals.   For a concours enthusiast they would provide a great addition that would win points.
>> It occurred to me that you might know of any dedicated concours/orignality junkies?   If they would like them they can have them in return for a suitable donation to your club.   Buyer collects.   First and foremost I would like the space!
>> Best regards
>> Henry Lawson
>> 07864 777777
Membership Secretary DOC UK
2021's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584

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