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NEC Classic Motor Show 2019 (8th-10th Nov)
With the big NEC show just around the corner thought we best start a thread.

First order of business roll-call! Who's planning on coming down, either just for the day or are you doing the whole weekend? Let us know below.
We are always looking for volunteers to help build the stand from the Thursday and man it throughout the weekend.

Discount tickets for club members can be found on this thread: http://deloreans.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?tid=5988
Information on discount parking can be found on this Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?s...0395051618
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We'll be there on the Sunday Steve, I take it we're having the AGM there as usual?
Claire  - DOC-UK Treasurer
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Happy to help out on Thursday if needed. I'm local to the nec so it's a short train ride I'm for me.

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Quote:I take it we're having the AGM there as usual?
Yep, just a bit behind on everything at the moment, really bad stuff going on at work as well as been mega busy at home. will catch up from Friday.
Membership Secretary DOC UK
2018's DeLorean event: http://deloreans.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?tid=5715
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I will do Friday and Sunday as usual and could do Thursday if needed. Sat is my day off.
Chris Parnham in Derby  chrisparnham@live.co.uk  07502 143 433
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I shall be there all three days  Big Grin

If anybody has an original Craig Radio that they want the ribbon cable replacing, I shall be offering that service over the course of the weekend, all you need to pay is the cost of the cable.


I would help if you could PM me in advance so I have a rough idea of numbers.
Richard H.
DOC Technical Advisor VIN 1274
In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.
I shall be there on 'some' of the days, but which ones yet are a little difficult to ascertain at the moment as not sure what to do with the juniors!
Richard Hanlon
DOC 393

1981 DMC-12 VIN 06126
Probably just the Sunday for me as usual. Working Friday, and need to use some of the weekend (Sat) to continue working on LEX.
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