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Wing mirror cover
Hi All

I am missing the plastic cover that goes under the wing mirror on the drivers(left) side. If anyone has one and is willing to sell please get in touch.

Me too! I need one for MGJ ( also the N/Side.....LHS ......but not in my case, the side the driver sits on!)
Chris Parnham in Derby 
RHD Auto MGJ 126Y (AXI 1699)
Outlander PHEV 4X4
MG ZS EV....Full Electric SUV.

DOC Club Historian 
I have one missing as well and ended up making one by cutting out a bit of plastic from a flexible black plastic lid. Not perfect but  better than having one missing.

Ian Beattie, Cumbria
Vin#2703 Aug 81 manual with black interior, grooved hood and gas flap
DOC 875

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