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VIN 10223 For Auction 12/9/19 Nr Goodwood
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2021's DeLorean event:
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Its pity they didn't get Lee to re-cover the seats as well, I hate the baggy look. I wonder what it drives like with the engine upgrades?

But to be honest i've never felt the need for more power when driving a Delorean.  I do like the extra stop lights on the Louvers.

In years to come, long after I'm 'pushing up daisies', serious collectors will be looking for ORIGINAL cars, not ones that have been mucked about with. IMO.

Have you seen the tatty £55K mini on eBay? ...thats what I'm on about.......originality
Chris Parnham in Derby 
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I would love to know what the new gear ratios feel like. I bet that makes more more difference than a few extra HP.

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