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5th gear end cap wanted
Hi all,

I am on the search for a new Manual Transmission end cap.  The one which covers the 5th gear assembly at the end of the gearbox.  Part no. 103048.

I know this is a long shot.

Mine has suffered the 5th gear retaining nut damage some years ago, and was repaired before my ownership, but after having it off the car to do a lip seal replacement, upon proper inspection, it appears to be hairline fractured, and leaks oil quite badly, even with the fact it's been welded previously, and it's smothered in metal putty to try to hold it together.

The only solution from the vendors appears to be BUY A WHOLE NEW TRANSMISSION, which is a bit sledgehammer for my needs, so before I start saving my pennies, I thought i'd ask around.

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Anything here?

The end caps look a bit different unfortunately but it could be a good starting point.
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