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Roof T-piece
Looking for some advice on how to tackle some damage to the roof t-piece. No idea when/how this happened but when I removed the piece it was clear that this has been off before and looking at the damage I would guess the sun screen cover was repeatedly rammed into it. I can get a new piece shipped from the US at some expense but the right people must be able to straighten this. Someone not too far away would also be good, I am in Cheshire. The marks on the metal are blood, the edges are like razor blades.
[Image: 20190602-083718_1_orig.jpg]
[Image: 20190602-083636_1_orig.jpg]
It's small enough that you could easily get it shipped to Chris Nicholson.

Use a decent courier and sensible insurance. or
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I am going to see a local classic car restorers near to me, I know them well and they have all the metal working kit, if they can do it we may have another business that can help out with panel damage. Will report back in due course.
Good luck with that.
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