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Not sure this has already been posted but would love some expert's opinions. There's lots of photos and a video showing the underside (and its lovely rust).
If its surface rust then its easily treated but parts look deep. Whilst it looks to be a decent-ish candidate for a restoration theres a lot of work to be done. I would say its about a 13k to 15k car. If it runs then the asking price is fair but i doubt very much that it does.

Interior needs areas addressing such as the dash as its cracked. Needs a new gear shift cover too. Headliners need redoing and the carpets need a clean.

Underside needs attention to the rust and the missing fuel tank cover and by the looks of the brake discs, the whole braking system needs an overhaul.

Exterior wise, obviously the windows need sorting. Cant say ive ever seen the big door window drop before. Tail light needs replacing and possibly both, but definitely the front fascia needs repainting.

Engine needs a good clean and the hose going over the A/C should be moved back so it goes around it rather than over. Coil area needs looking at, probably a new coil too.

As it stands, i wouldnt pay more than £15k which is probably being generous. I imported my car which is in better condition for slightly less than their asking price.
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Thanks! Great info.

Also, this is their description (used Google translator)

“This DeLorean is in a good condition. But it needs a lot of love and affection for a new life. The subfloor has rust problems and needs to be welded. The stainless steel sheet on top is still good. The interior is complete and so far ok. The technology must also be checked completely. The engine does not start because the starter does not work. The black interior and the stainless steel body fit very well and make the car very special”

So yeah, it does not run.

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Im willing to bet the starter isnt the only problem mechanically.
- DeLoryan
VIN 5219
DOC 876
Nasty dent in the right front wing, and a hole in the tailight. Didn't think it was that unreasonable until I saw the chassis video.

The fuel tank retainer is... interesting.
Way overpriced IMHO. I would want to see it for less money before taking that on. That said at the right price do a frame off resto and it might make a nice car
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