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Metering Heads and Distributors
Thanks goes to Dan Shane for the info:-

I used KMI their number is 020 73857138 to refurbish the Metering Heads. For the Stage 2 engines we used the Volvo 260 Head. KMI will supply Capri metering heads speced to the Volvo flow rate for the cost of the refurb, so you dont need to find a metering head.

The Injectors were not changed from standard ones, however the spray pattern was checked.

There was a problem however and that was the Hydrocarbons. It was tricky to get the engine through an MOT but not impossible.

Also with the high lift cams the Tappet gap is Increased.

Dan Shane

DOC #423
97' Lotus Esprit GT3
99' Lotus Elise
99' BMW M5 E39
92' VW Golf GTI

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