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Interior Trimming, Repair and Restoration by Lee Pattison
Hi everyone,

As you know I recently had my seats retrimmed by Lee Pattison.
I just wanted to share with you all the work I saw, that ultimately made the decision for me to get my seats to him.

Lee is able to perform repairs to the dashboard, binnacle, centre console, driver and passenger side kneepads, rear quarter panels & side bolsters where these items have discoloured and cracked due to sun damage. He is also able to recover your steering wheel and seats.

Lee also has off cuts of original material from CP Trim, so is able to perform invisible repairs to some small items (see the centre console picture for an example), for larger items such as the passenger kneepad, he is able to mimic the rouching with great effect.

The piece de resistance however is the NOS material Lee has, which enable him to produce OE seat covers, these look and feel bang on to the originals and to a quality you will simply not find anywhere else for any price.

Below are some examples of Lees work on different parts of the DeLorean interior.

Dashboard before /after:
[Image: ABC7308A-9356-4DA0-9004-ABE432CEF214.jpeg]

Binnacle before and after:
[Image: CABCFD99-CFCD-453E-823B-3635811AEF99.jpeg]

Centre console before/after:
[Image: 571340B1-B4BC-4802-8D91-666D9082FD1D.jpeg]

Passenger kneepad before/after:
[Image: C830C542-6714-4FEA-BAE4-89FCEC830D0B.jpeg]

Rear quarter panels before/after:
[Image: 9A6C2AEF-4B92-4DFB-A3AE-205EEE47AB64.jpeg]

Steering wheel before and after:
[Image: 41892D04-B6BB-4118-81A4-D86534769D27.jpeg]

Recovered headlinings:
[Image: 4097639A-2BEF-47AB-9568-D46264BD3B8F.jpeg]

Grey NOS seat covers:
[Image: BE9377D7-966A-4767-ABD9-D392E5FF4B82.jpeg]

Grey NOS seat covers:
[Image: C75F90F9-CC78-43B6-BD59-AFD1C2B043B3.jpeg]

Grey NOS seat covers, before/after:
[Image: AB977B58-2105-4160-9399-F834A7B24C14.jpeg]

Black NOS seat covers:
[Image: A69D21B5-6F19-4A7D-8649-86C632194A45.jpeg]

Black NOS seat covers:
[Image: 3EF94EBD-F9BF-4D11-9525-D3CDD74AD975.jpeg]

Lee is based in Gillingham, Kent, and can be contacted on 07866 922 215
DOC #230

VIN 11477 Jan '82
2013 Jaguar XF-S

Tristan J Carroll
South Wales
Yes, he's done a few bits for me over the years. Really is no one better especially for a stock look.
Membership Secretary DOC UK
2018's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584 1972 Bond Bug.
Wow, all of that work looks top class. Stunning
We are pretty lucky here in the U.K. to have Lee for interiors and Chris N for the exteriors - both masters of their trade, specialising in our iconic cars.
DOC #230

VIN 11477 Jan '82
2013 Jaguar XF-S

Tristan J Carroll
South Wales
I agree Lee is top class and the only person that has the original seat covers in his garage! I stripped mine out as the L.A sun had badly damaged the interior. It looks like the day it came out of Belfast now.

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