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Custom made Banded Steel wheels for my delorean
So due to changes in my world these are now up for sale, I had these made to use as additional wheels whilst I get the originals refurbed, and liked the idea of some banded steels and thought they would work well. The fronts are 15" and the rears 16". I had them banded to sit perfect to the arches so they were just nicely tucked.
Wheels have been powder coated.

They are originally 4x100 Renault Megane wheels, professionally banded by a place local to me all balanced and checked afterwards.

Fronts are  195/55/15 Goodyear EfficientGrip with 5mm and 4mm tread, rears 255/50/16 Goodyear Eagle ZR50 with 5mm tread.
Rears have been on the lathe to fit the hub. Comes with centre caps too that I have made custom caps for, the centre caps stick out slightly with modification they would sit flush but I quite liked the look with them raised off. Also comes with long ended nuts to fit the caps on, and also comes with 10mm custom spacers which are needed for the rear to clear the brakes.
Also comes with one spare Eagle zr50 that I picked up.

Ive always said any other wheels on a delorean does not work but the basic look of these and the added width makes it not only look good but gives a bit more tractions with the bigger size.

Please do note if fitting these on the rear I advise having longer studs fitted, with the spacers on you can get the wheel nut on but I personally would like just a bit more thread to tighten on to.

I have never actually even used these, only for moving the car in the yard.

I would like £700 for them, any questions please give me a shout, collection location is Huddersfield West Yorkshire.

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