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Dublins done deal Delorean !!!
It's now been exactly a year since I viewed the Delorean in an underground car park in Dublin town centre - I was in the position of purchasing a car summer 2017 so I joined the owners club and the eurotec forum - and was keeping an eye out for any cars coming up for sale - then on the eurotec forum there was talk of a possible scam on the car advertised on the Irish version of eBay "done deal ".
The seller just put library pics on the advert and none of the actual car itself - I live at the end of west wales near the ports of Fishguard and Pembroke so would have been fairly easy to pop across on ferry for the 3 hour crossing but then another 3 hour drive to Dublin - but hang on a minute - I got a mate that lives over there ----- 5345 was going to have  a new home across the water - - - - - - to be continued ---------
These cars are so rare an affordable price, I'm afraid you just have to put yourself out a bit and chase any leads.

I been in that sort of situation quite a few times and you can often succeed if you just keep at it. Good luck with this one. Wink
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So I speak to my mate John to see if can do a 5 hour round trip and go and view the car and make sure it actually exaisted as the pics on done deal was of several different cars - a week had passed before john could get time off work and by that time the car had been removed from done deal but john had made a note of his number - - good news the car was still for sale and john was going to travel up the next day to view the car and send me some pics and vin number - to be continued  ——
        So John takes a trip to Dublin and is given an address of a computer shop named "BACK FROM THE FUTURE " meets a guy who leads him out of the shop and around a few blocks to an underground car park - and there she was and here are a few pics that John sent ----- the car really exists after all  !!!!!!   To be continued -----

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