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VIN 4267 comes to England
She's looking awesome, will be good to see the final product soon think for me ive spent like £1,619 so far with my restoration mostly with Dgo, expecting another £2k for stainless and £500 for interior work.

but damn the work on the luggage compartment is absolutely stunning, looks just like new Chris Nicholson is a wizard of many skills
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Wow Matt 

Just read your story what a journey amazing.

I took he plundge end of last year still waiting for my new baby to make it across the pond but the work you have done gives me so much inspiration I can't wait to get my hand's dirty.

Big Grin

Great to see the progress Matt, I'm currently spending £££ to get 6237 out of a 10 year slumber.

Seeing your photos is giving me motivation to get it done.
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