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DeLorean News Issues 78 & 79
Pleased to announce that two issues (78 & 79) have been posted out today and weather permitting should be with everyone by the weekend. Apologies for the delay on 78 but I took the decision to hold back to send two issues together as due to a set of 3d glasses being sent out for issue 79 it worked out much more cost effective (postage wise) to send them both together.
Anyway I'm sure Eddie would appreciate feedback (as would we all) on your thoughts on these two issues. As always my thanks to Eddie and the contributors to the magazines........ However we always need more articles, please feel free to put pen to paper (or fingers on keys) and let us have your articles.
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Looking forward to having a good read over the weekend!
Thanks guys.

I may have a nice article to submit once I’ve acquired my car....
I’ve already started a little blog site ( which I’ll use to base my article on once complete with my purchase....... but obviously timing is dependent on the length of my journey to ownership Smile

Anyway, can’t wait to see what the 3D specs are all about!!

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Tristan J Carroll
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Sounds good..looking forward to reading them as usual.

Well done Eddie/Chris...I know it can be a demanding job. But its what distinguishers us from 'news group' type clubs.

I love getting the old mags out on a cold winters evening and flicking through them. They are also much lighter on the knees.... than a certain related book!
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Mary and I thought the 3D magazine was brilliant. Thought my eyesight had finally failed when I opened the envelope and tried to read the magazine!! Excellent lateral thinking from Ed, it really made a change. Well Done!

Come on everyone surely you can come up with an article for Ed for future magazines, it is very easy to put something together, even I can do it! There must be some photos of club members digging their cars out of the snow!

I'm expecting to be in a better position from this summer onwards for making more of an effort at recording car activity for the magazine, since i'll finally have the car living with me. It'll be 8.5 yrs since I bought the car by the time it's finally down living in Rugby with me, but I'm getting there finally.
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I'll do more write ups on my PRV-L7X engine swap as work progresses.......slowly......
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