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two headscratchers!
Headscratcher 1
In the engine bay is this currently unused plug.
Any clues on what should be plugged into it?
[Image: PA021882.jpg]

Headscratcher 2
In the left pontoon is a redundant pipe
[Image: PA021883.jpg]
The charcoal cannister has an orifice on the top which on mine is blanked off. I believe it says "carb bowl"

[Image: PA021884.jpg]

Here's a picture showing the orifice is blanked

[Image: PA021881.jpg]

got my head scratching ????
Vin 11789 (probably #50 of the Middle East batch of 50)
Those two wires should connect to some wires (green white + green brown) that lead to the transmission's reverse switch, found on the left side of the trasmission. One headscratcher left though.

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