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DeLorean, Historical Courtroom Prints Offer

Not sure if this is of any interest to anyone hear? but if it is we can get a group discount and I'm happy to distribute them. Just let me know if you are.


Home of Historical Courtroom Prints

First Time In History!
Purchase 2 DeLorean Prints
Receive 2 Different Prints Free!
Limited Time - Limited Quantities
For DeLorean Club Members Only
Our Historical Courtroom Art Division is closing-out our inventory of courtroom sketches seen on the NBC-TV network during coverage of the 1984 trial of John DeLorean stemming from an FBI “sting” operation. You’ll  recall the automotive genius “beat the rap” as the news media say, and was found Not Guilty on all charges.
Cameras are not allowed in U.S. Courtrooms, but sketch artists are and award-winning artist Walter Stewart covered every day of the FBI’s effort to trap Mr. DeLorean. Mr. Stewart’s superb drawings were viewed daily by millions via NBC-TV in the U.S. and portions of Canada.
When Mr. Stewart died in 2002, the bulk of his courtroom drawings were donated to the Bancroft Library, University of California-Berkeley – but did not include these 4 sketches. (See Attachment)
A Little Background
Walt Stewart and I were personal friends and co-workers for many years in TV News Departments, first at the ABC then the NBC station in San Francisco. We often talked about collaborating on a book featuring his art because  his skills were exceptional, and powerfully moving.
We will decide disposition of the originals later this year. For now our goal is to ensure remaining inventory  goes to owners of a DeLorean who can now more easily afford a set of these historically-significant prints.
The original price for each print was $90 (USD). Now, through your clubs,  we’re trying to ensure DeLorean Owners only are invited to  purchase 2 of the 4 prints for $75 each and receive the other two prints FREE, no strings. This offer reduces the cost of each of these rare prints to $37.50 each!
That’s how Walt Stewart did business: By making his work available to  appropriate audience at reasonable cost, not “Art Collector” prices.  The prints are 11 x 14 inches, printed on museum-quality, acid-free paper, the size of his actual drawings. Please note: Prints labeled A1 and B1 are the sale prints, A2 and B2 are the Free Prints. No other combination is available for this one-time-only offer. After this sale, we will remove all DeLorean prints from our catalog.  
Also, we’d like you to know that no other entity is presently or ever will be contacted with regard to this unique sale of these DeLorean  historic prints. This offer is valid until midnight August 25, 2017. (Date extended one week.)
Have questions? Please contact me at the e-mail address below. I am presently working at home through August due to a health issue, but I guarantee your queries will receive a prompt response. 
I know Walt Stewart would have  endorsed this generous offer in order that owners may honor and enjoy  the remarkable  John  DeLorean, father of one of the world’s great automobiles, during a harsh-but-victorious highlight in his fascinating life.
In a recent survey of purchasers of our Courtroom Art indicated they preferred smaller prints in order to “group them” on their wall, “Mostly,” they replied, “to facilitate story-telling.” We are happy to oblige and apologize for our previous error.  JWS
Membership Secretary DOC UK
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