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Photobucket hosting
Has anyone else been hit by photobucket pulling the plug on all free 3rd party hosting, I lost all my pics on another forum where all the images were hosted by photobucket, they asked me to upgrade, when I went on the site they wanted $399 a year to upgrade, obviously I have not going to do that, they still hold my images but have stopped them being shown. Could anyone sugest another hosting site even though it's going to be a lot of work to change over.
VIN LESS at present
DOC 670
I use flikr with success but wonder if it will go the same way.

However, for photos on D forums, I always upload directly to the forum.
vin 2743
This enforces what I have thought for distrust of 3rd parties having control of parts of your computer activities. I don't even use all these 'cloud' thingy's, because I just don't trust them! Angry
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