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Coolant pipe routing / mounting photo request

Ideally I'd like to see any photos that clearly show the mounting for the coolant pipes on the rear right of the engine bay please......

On my early car, the hose  from the right of the water pump also features the additional short aluminium pipe, but no obvious bracket to hold it all in place.

I believe it had been "resting" on the air intake, but the parts manual images don't really show me the layout to confirm that.

Anyone with an "oil cooler support bracket" [108142] I'd particularly like to confirm exactly where that should attach to.

I am considering replacing the piping with the later style, but again would like to confirm exactly what, if anything supports it... the associated mounting bracket [108680]

It looks like an additional Q-clip [108682] could be used mirroring the hose on the left ?

Many thanks


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