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body off rebuild
hi all
i found this site yesterday after doing more research

full rebuild with body off
i found this very interesting and only half way through
thought other members would enjoy
cheers jon
I wonder how old this info is? Certainly has some nice gear and done some good work.
I would argue with his comments about the wing with an ariel hole not being reparable. Chris N can fix them…(he did 2 for me)

I also didn't think one of the 'chassis off' one's, looked as if it didn't really need it.

I also would have changed the exhaust system completely, for a SS one.
Just my opinion.
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Several years old now; I found that stuff before I removed my chassis and even before I bought my car (2 years+).

It's useful (anything like this is!) certainly, but I've never found an "on point" step by step guide that worked. I had to feel my way through the removal; but if you're intending on doing it, this is good stuff.
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Thanks for posting this link. I'm hoping to do a frame off on 6237 this year, this is a really helpful website to show what to expect... but I don't think I'll be going so OCD with it. The main thing I'm looking to do is give the frame and suspension parts a new coating and sort out the bushes, hoses, etc

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I think that site is 7-10 years old. His name is Travis Graham and he used to be very active on, less so on I understand that he still has his car but "life" has delayed updating the site for a few years now.
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