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Recharged today....
After renewing the entire contents of my heater box, it was confirmed today my job was a complete success.
The system held pressure, filled with 950g of R134a plus oil and dye.

Aircon now works better than it ever did.

Well chuffed!
Just in time for winter Big Grin
Well done though mate!
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Well at least he's ready for next year Wink
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Well while chatting to the air-con man, I discovered that leaving the system uncharged is no good for your system, as vital compressor seals go unlubricated and after time will lead to total failure.
I know air-con isn't important to most, and I've seen some deloreans with the air-con belt completely removed. However if you haven't done this, and your compressor is constantly spinning, but not charged enough to cycle, then who knows the damage being done?

Anyway, I must admit until recently I've not been that bothered either, but with 2 other cars that have working air-con, I have been bitten by the bug!
It gets pretty hot in there, especially with my new heater matrix chuffing out the heat. Opening the windows has no effect, it's just another worry in case the blooming things don't wind back up again!

Oh DeLorean ownership eh?

Nice one!
Respect to anyone who has carried out a DeLorean heater box removal
and installation.

I sorted LJH's a couple of years ago. When I got it working the weather went down the
tubes. So I wore a winter coat with snow coming out of the vents!

Nick H
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I wouldn't want to do it again Nick, that's for sure.
The only bit I really skimped on was wrapping that awful brown tape around the evaporator pipes. 
I did it, but when the pipes went back through the bulkhead, it didn't stay on like the stuff that came off, and the pipes being at a different angle didn't help. Maybe a hot air gun would have melted it on a bit better, but I was worried about damaging the new orifice tube. 

So maybe I'll get the odd drip of pipe condensation when the air-con is flat out for about ten hours.... I can live with that! It's better than coolant!

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