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Delorean for sale
Hi Everyone

Had a lot of changes in my life over the last couple of years and am now considering where the next phase of my life is going. To this end I am seriously considering selling my Delorean. I've had 11 glorious years with it and maybe now is the time to move on. If anyone is genuinely interested they can contact me on 07546960558 or email The Delorean is in great mechanical shape and has a full MOT. As most of you know it has a BTTF kit. This has been fitted using the original fixings so it can be converted back to original. No holes drilled . The price will be by negotiation but will be realistic. Too much kit to mention and it does have original signatures by Christopher Lloyd, Michael J Fox, Lea Thompson and Claudia Wells. This is a unique opportunity for someone to buy a car that actually more than pays for itself !

Best Wishes
We wish you well in your plans Brian, I'm sure it will give the next owner as much fun as it's given you. Good to chat as well!
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