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leaking rear main seal
Hello all, I have a rear main seal that is leaking again (after third time replacing).  This time I removed the retainer plate also, thinking maybe it wasn't lined up correctly the other times.  Can anyone provide any tips on new installation?  Do I install retainer plate first without seal or install seal into retainer plate and then into back of engine, tightening sequence, face bolts first then bottom bolts on retainer plate or something different.  Also is there a better seal out there?  Sorry for being so detailed, but don't want to go through this again. Any advice or input will be appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

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There has been many discussions about these seals on various forums including this one: (apologies images are missing) it does seem to be the quality of the seals rather than how they are fitted. Whilst no help mines been leaking for three years now without any harm!
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Rob Grady in the USA was recently stating he has a superior version of this seal available. I'm considering giving it a go as I was lamenting my gradual leak after completing an oil change yesterday.
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Thank you both for the input, I will call Rob Grady.
How about fitting in place with a smear of RTV silicone sealant round the outside? I'm sure Martin said that's what he did with mine when he did it years ago. Mine is not leaking, and i'm over 6.5yrs into ownership.
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My engines leak free….but my auto g/box has been dripping for ages and despite having it on my lift, I still can't pin down where its coming from. I suspect the bottom sump/cover thingy.
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When my car still had 'Martins' engine fitted the rear seal leaked badly, so assuming it had RTV applied this trick didn't work. That said I'm now on my second seal in the EU Stage II that replaced it. I'm now at the point of accepting they just leak.
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