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historical delorean checks and document for sale
Hi guys a friend of mine told me to post those items here cauz could probably interest some of you. so i have open an account just to permit me to post those docs for you! Enjoy!
For those of you lovers of deloreans historical items, it s for you. All for me if interested... Dated 1978 and 1979Wink
checks coming from john delorean offices and  a working session report.
check are 40£ and report 50£
many tks.

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I wonder if we can still cash them?
Chris Parnham in Derby 
RHD Auto MGJ 126Y (AXI 1699)
Outlander PHEV 4X4
MG ZS EV....Full Electric SUV.
TR7 Convertible 

DOC Club Historian 
(16 Apr 2016, 18:56)Chris P Wrote: I wonder if we can still cash them?

It will be cool, i have one of 50 000 $ ! Smile
Hi all sold ! Tks

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