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Save the SRN4 Hovercraft!
I don't usually do this sort of thing but....being a bit of a geek I saw on the TV that the SRN4's that were used on the cross channel link are in danger of being destroyed.   British through and through, they need saving.  They are parked up at the hovercraft museum in Lee on Solent at the moment -  - they have a donation/petition thing going which hopefully will make a difference.  If you feel like I do about good old machines - which is why we are daft enough to have the Delorean - sign the petition!       
Steve - Bognor Regis
#16583 Black Auto.  Ex Saudi & Sweden
1985 Silver Spirit 
1989 Jaguar XJS 
1978 Piper Warrior (AKA flying money pit)

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