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New Member/Owner in Leicester
Hello all

It has finally arrived. Tongue   I purchased it unseen and only with the sellers description. Schoolboy error I hear you say, normally I would agree but thankfully its as described in the advert.
The importer has spent the last month recommissioning and MOTing it. Replacing all the ‘usual suspects’. Indeed, anything with fuel in the description has been changed.
My first issue was getting it in the garage the other night - its wider than I thought so had a few sweaty minutes getting it in there.
So now the work starts so I guess I will be posting a few questions in the near future.

Although it has very low mileage I wont be going down the concours route as the importer suggested, but instead using it for nice weekends and shows etc.
Andy Smith
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Fascinating. Do you know where it came from? Was it an original owner car? Anything about the history?
vin 2743
I know a little bit of the history. the importer usually only imports Porsches, but got a call from his US contact about a colection of porsches that also had two DeLoreans. This one (black interior, manual) with 767 on the clock and the other grey, auto with less than 400 miles.

So he had the manual one.

the title deed showed it was originaly purchased by a person in Winston-Salem NC

it was stored inside so no issues with heat damaged seats/binicle etc.
Wow, that's great news, well done and welcome to the world of non stop DeLorean questions and DeLorean headaches! Big Grin
I'm sure you will love every moment of it, there will be a few teething problems I'm sure but nothing we cant help out with.
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yay, another De in the East Midlands Smile
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