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Oil leak?
Hey guys and Gals
Took this pic about a month ago and I'd thought it had sorted itself but seems to be an increasing amount of oil on my garage floor.
Any thoughts?

[Image: 3ztir12.jpg]


(Anyone like Kings of Leon? Just saw them - Awesome! Big Grin )
Probably your 'lip seals' on the axles are slightly leaking. Give it a real good clean up and then check again.
Yeah Looks like Drive Shaft "Lip Seals". Common problem on the UN1 Gearbox, My Esprit has a weep from the drivers side one.

£18 From Renault if it is that leaking. Undo Drive Shaft, Drift out the split pin holing the flange onto the output shaft, Remove flange, Remove Seal and then refit.

Righteo Ta. Not a major problem then?
No. Just make sure the new seal goes in square and to the same depth as the old one.

You may have to drain the gearbox of oil before you do this, so 3 Litres of 75/90 Gearbox oil will also be needed.

.. i have also heard to clean up the seal mating surface on the transmissionso so its its dirt and grease free and use a little RTV silicone on this to help stop any other minor leaks coming out that way as well.

Check the flange for rust and scoring if its bad i would either get them 'sleeved' or buy some new ones. otherwise your new seals will get chewed up too.
All good tips there from Mike.

PJ Gradys sleeves are really good. Also there should be an O-Ring at the base of the output shaft where the Flange attaches. This is often damaged or missing.

if some of you have an "how to" for this, or some will made it, is great Wink

and hello all Smile
that would make it too easy for you Smile Smile

ok then here you go........

welcome to the forum Smile

You asked where you can get speedi sleeves from in the UK. Well Wyco supply them. There a huge hydraulic supplier in the UK.

Goto :-

It says that the kits come with the tools to fit them.

My car has had the same seal leaking (like Scott) for some time (not quite the 5 years I have had the car) so it is something I have always meant to get around to. The leak has now picked up the pace a bit (gearbox was topped up a little while back to compensate) I will need to move it up the list to 'very soon' especially in light of below. To put it into perspective I would probably have the odd single drop left on the garage floor per car ride which is now a few drops everytime.

My original clutch (26yrs old and 27k miles) has now started slipping since the clutch slave cylinder started leaking and was subsequently replaced with a new part (it is in the wars :? ) so the gearbox will need to come out anyway.

What little rubber gaskets and other seals should I order so that I can ensure I have no leaks in the future (from the gear box at least)?

My gearbox changes okay, but is a little notchy and the little rubbers for the linkages that ensure a quiet, slick silent change could also benefit from changing. Any suggestions on anything else that should be replaced or worked on whilst the clutch/gearbox are out of the car?

Thanks in advance

Chris Hawes
DOC 138
Ex owner of VIN 5255 Grey, 5-speed

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