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17020 + New owner on a road trip...
Jimideja Wrote:
88mph Wrote:Sounds great, but I'd recommend popping into a garage and getting that students sorted.
You make it easy.

Hahaha. If you want easy stick to Honda! Obviously any job can escalate but depending where - how students has snapped.
It could also be straight forward as welding bolt onto thread and unscrewing it. IMO, Definitely get them to try this, the heat from welding can work wonders, before talking of drilling and retaping.
Have a great time and good luck.
Chris Williams Wrote:
Quote:Some sort of control-freak piloting that one, exchanged an email or two, but nothing doing, so I guess I wasn't welcome in that exclusive club.
I would not look on it like that, they the same as ourselves and probably every other forum in the world all dogged by spamers touting all kinds of porn/adverts/and some real nasty stuff. I think DMCTalk like to confirm your an actual person before letting you on, rather than some robot/spam thing. However most owners/enthusiasts tend to look at all the forums worldwide anyway!
Either way have a great day, How cool it is to be your birthday on BTTF day and where it happened! I'm not the biggest BTTF fan but it is a good day to be a DeLorean owner. Big Grin

What Chris said. They have had issues with their email confirmation system before. It's the largest forum out there, so far from exclusive.

PM me your username on there and I will get in touch with a mod and get you to the front of the line Wink
vin 2743
I emailed the mod, and he says they have just swapped back to auto-registration, so please try again.

He will keep an eye out for you, assuming the same username, and make sure there are no issues.
vin 2743

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