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Fuel injection system problems

New to the forum and unfortuantly i do not own a DeLorean !

However i do own an Alpine A310 v6 which has the same PRV V6 engine and uses the Bosch fuel injection system as fitted to your cars

At present i am having major problems with the system - starts ok then either stops or belches out black exhaust smoke and in the end stops altogether and will not start for some considerable time thereafter

I live in Poole Dorset and was wondering if any member knew of a mechanic/ enthusiast locally who is familiar with this 1980's system who can check, repair and get me back on the road

I have replaced the fuel filter, air filter, and plugs but no change, been to a Bosch specilist who only advised he is not familiar with the system and will need to check the system over manually as he has no info / test equipment, when he quoted £55 per hour and it could take a long time with no guarantee of success i declined

Look forward to replies and help / advise


Hello, I am pretty sure that no A310 had the Bosch K-jet injection from factory, do you know if your car experienced an engine swap?
The car was first sold in germany and was imported into the UK with the engine fitted so i am un sure about that

I am not too concerned about that but would like to get her running properly so any advise on the injection system would be appreciated.

I understand however that Lotus used this engine in A310's to experiment on behalf of DeLorean


That is my understanding. These photo's were taken at Lotus.

Regarding your problem…not one I've encountered before, all my issues tend to be lack of fuel or hot starting issues…..not seen clouds of smoke…mind you many of our cars tend to have low mileages and hence issues associated with that. What sort of mileage has your car done?
Chris Parnham

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Certainly the clouds of smoke are a puzzle perhaps massive over-fuelling? Where abouts are you located? If you need repais probably the best place to repair parts of the system are Ken Mills Injection in Letchworth.
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Martin G is based in Wiltshire, I know not exactly local, but
he's had experience of many PRV's over the years and might
have an idea.
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Many thanks for your resposes for a non DeLorean subject

I have cured the smoke by fitting a new air filter and carrying out some adjustments ( not sure what i was doing but seems to have cured that side of it) - must have been over fueling as sugested by

Re the stopping after a short while, went to a car club meet last night and recieved some advise.

A suggestion that there may be a air leak somewhere or pressure lost on the fuel side, checked and found a small fuel leak to the new fuel filter, i recently fitted feed pipe, apparently, or as i have been told such a leak will result in lost pressure to the system after a short while after the initial high pressure produced by the pump in the fuel tank, reduces, this initial high pressure allows the car to start but the reduction them causes it to stop

Will obtain a new length of pipe and fit and see if this is the problem

Again any further advise or comments will still be appreciated


I'm in Wiltshire and happy to have a look. An air filter will not affect the metering, it'll just free up the air flow (it isn't a carburetor)
Martin Gutkowski
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