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Window motor fitting hell
Has anyone had experience fitting one into a drivers door?
I got a motor from the eurotec club shop but it didn't come with instructions or fittings so have been using these:
I'm having a job getting the offset brackets and the mid point bracket to line anywhere like near to each other. See this pic:

Anyone have any clue/tips?
I've also managed to make my window come off the tracks which will be great fun putting back :roll:
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Might be a silly question, but you're not trying to line up the screw with the wrong grab handle hole, are you?
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Yeh I did mine back during the winter IIRC (and I could be wrong) you just use the bottom brackets as best you can using a combination of new nuts/bolts/brackets to get them attached where you can.
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The old one fitted onto the grab handle hole closest to the motor, the new one supposedly fits to the one furthest away. At the moment the angle seems all wrong to me.

I'm gonna try again today, need to get it done over the weekend as have a trip on Tuesday! :|
Vin: 4468
DOC No: 758
Does this help?
Richard H. DOC 365 VIN 1274
In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.
That did help RichH!

I managed to get it onto the mid support by bending the bracket forward a little.
seems to be working well but I sometimes get small gap on the top front when fully wound up.
Cant see an easy way to adjust it as whatever I try makes no difference.

At least it's working!
Vin: 4468
DOC No: 758
Once I'd aligned the runners correctly, I had the same gap on my drivers side, only it was about half an inch.

I had to take the glass out and reposition it on it's metal slider so it would close properly.

Richard H. DOC 365 VIN 1274
In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.
Getting the new motor to work with the guides is a pain in the cherries. I cleaned our passenger side up, eventually had the motor in and fitted, and the window kept popping off it's guides. Loads of adjustment, a bit of lubricating grease on the runners, and much persuasion, eventually had it running somewhere approaching correctly. Fitting the motor itself is a bit of a Krypton Factor puzzle - the new ones are so much bigger than the old ones! Thankfully our window seems correctly located in it's seat, but the rear guide keeps pulling off the runner halfway down. Frustrating.
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Best way to align the window is to remove the glass from the channel, apply gunge to the channel and fit it into the door, then run it down into the door, fit the glass and run the channel back up to meet the glass and leave overnight for the gunge to cure.
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Phill fitted new window motors that we got from A1 Electric in the USA last weekend,
a git of a job, but finding Martin's tutorial on the internet was a massive help, and
for the first time in I dont know how many years #2292 has a pair of fully functioning
electric windows Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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