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[WTS] Stainless UK Exhaust System
Hello guys,

I am considering selling my stainless UK exhaust which I previously bought from
the reason why I am trying to sell it is that I want to upgrade my "WIP" efi setup with a turbo.

I have the fully polished version and it's in quite in brand new condition since I have used it just for map tuning (inside a workshop) and on the road for about 1-2 kms. I have packed the headers and the "middle pipes" with fiberglass heat wraps and stainless clamps (now I can touch the headers avoiding the skin to melt!)

last year these exhaust were sold from the manufacturer for £978 including vat plus £60 for the polished version

Please send me a PM if you are interested

Best regards
Thanks for all the requests, I got in touch with a serious buyer but it turned out that the shipping to New Zealand would have been awfully expensive so the exhaust system is still for sale. here are all the pics for the interested people who wrote me: ... sHeBjV.jpg ... xa8mTw.jpg ... 8lP42q.jpg ... ncnuM5.jpg ... zHLZCi.jpg ... oQa4lU.jpg ... M8xoPm.jpg ... ZxXP15.jpg ... rIbtaE.jpg ... C5RUXy.jpg ... hcoh8A.jpg ... 2ZRc0H.jpg ... bTXfjh.jpg ... xvG7aw.jpg ... paZyeG.jpg

Best regards
Still available for sale. I am applying a discount of about 1/3 from its cost from new!

PS: for the ones who asked me: yes the stainless bolts, nuts and gaskets are included! Just ask if you need a picture.

Best regards
If I didn't already have a spare…i'd buy it.
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