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Miracle cure for blown head gaskets! I don't think so.....
Save money and time replacing those expensive head gaskets after you've lost all of your coolant and fried the engine-this stuff is the biz!! :lol:
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LOL. I have seen similiar products for years. The problem is they all work great at hiding problems ......for about 2 weeks after the sale that is. Actually a lot of these epoxy resins do seal things that would normally need quite a bit of repair and depending on the severity of the leak they can work for a long time, sometimes they don't last. If you have an old farm truck, you don't risk much by trying it.

When people use it to camouflage major issues and pawn the car off to some unsuspecting buyer then it becomes a negative product. What I found funny was the seller seems to think he has a better chance of unloading his product to DeLorean owners that all the other manufacturers combined. The biggest question I hage is who bought the one that was sold....ohhh and what was that vin?
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