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New Windscreen Cracked - Any ideas?
Hi all!

About 6 weeks ago my screen cracked at the bottom on the drivers side and spread quite rapidly

I had it replaced on my insurance with autoglass exeter (pilkington glass?)

I then garaged the car for 5 weeks as i went away and when i got it out the screen was cracked this time from the top on the passenger side.

I have called Autoglass and they are coming to inspect the car as their workmanship was gauranteed...i am hoping they will agree to replace again FOC!

Any experience of this? Any Ideas?

many thanks

The car is made of fibreglass and expands and contracts over time. Lotus have definied procedures for fitting screens int eh esprit using a specific amount of bondant to allow the body to flex under the screen. Use the minimum amount of bondant possible. The original sealant was tape on a roll, not gunge
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
Gee thats a bummer.

So in that time the car hasnt moved or even been jacked up or anything ?

It seems to be more common for the screen to crack from the bottom upwards due to body twist 'stress' when jacking the car up or around the rear view mirror if it has been incorectly glued directly onto the screen.

Hope you get it sorted soon matey
Thanks for the responses - Yep the car had not been jacked up or moved.

Fingers crossed that they agree to looked so good with the new glass.

Take Care

YIPPEEE - They have agreed to replace and fit again for free!!!!!!!!


Lets hope they do it right this time!

Take Care

Hi all the new glass was fitted today under warranty Smile

And then it passed the MOT Smile Smile Smile

Chuffed to bits is I!

Well done and a Happy D-Mas !!! Smile
Sorry to bring up an old thread....

When I jacked my D up, the squeek from the chassis bending with the fibreglass body makes me really worry.

Fingers Crossed, nothing touchwood happened so far....

Is it always best to jack the car up using proper car lift just in case? I guess adding a strut bar could in theory solve the problem of glass cracking under stress?
Kind Regards,
John [DOC No. 8]

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i have jacked mine many times and had no problems.

mainly be careful opening the doors.

i have a feeling that the glass problem could be due to aftermarket fitting. the original so i believe was a resin strip not a resin glue.
and the mirror should be stuck on.

the main backbone chassis really to me should not flex a great deal.

if you are worried, is it worth not opening the doors when up, and to jack using a trolley jack plus length of wood under the front main cross member (NOT THE FRONT FRAME EXTENSION!).

i have done this loads. also i have lowered onto axle stands on the jacking points without problems. you need to anyway working under the car.
Steve Saunders
ex owner vin 1621
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I wouldnt think its your chassis flexing .

The under body has a jacking plate built in , providing your not lifting the car up to an 'excessive' height from one corner it shouldnt be a problem.

Have the underbody to framebolts been checked for tightness?

Bottom of this page for

This is a good jack that fits under the front of a lowered car to raise it up by the cross member. ... 2047&g=107
Ive not seen that site you've got there Mike before! Loads of photos ive never seen Smile
Kind Regards,
Jonny Jones
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