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Delorean in pop video
My Delorean featured, albeit briefly, in pop video just released by The Lounge Kittens. Despite its very brief appearance, the presence of the car has been noted and appreciated by several Twitter and Facebook commenters. It all helps to spread teh message. Lounge Kittens have hit the internet and the stage with considerable success over the last year. I will try to get them to do a good pose with the car for the magazine. The tall one with pink hair is my daughter.

Looking forward to the Delorean weekend.

Tony Lawther
Tony Lawther VIN 3435 DOC 142
Southampton UK
Doh! Forgot the link.

I think I'll take a little lie down............
Tony Lawther VIN 3435 DOC 142
Southampton UK
Well done, lots of good feedback on You Tube as well Big Grin
Membership Secretary DOC UK
2018's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584 1972 Bond Bug.
Blink and you'll miss it ... :-)
If you're gonna build a timemachine, why not do it with style !
Are you talking about the car? :lol:
well that was, interesting.

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