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Last 81 for sale in UK
Still astounds me that if your trying to sell a car at around £65000 that you don't put really good pictures on your advert. The seller knows the importance of the chassis so why not show some pictures? Same with the interior/engine bay Etc. Mind I suppose at that kind of price it will be going to a collector who has that kind of money to spend he/she wont worry about things like that to much.
Quote:it would be interesting to know for what & why its been bought.
A lot were bought as investments and never used, I know of at least another 2 or 3 in the UK same story. Unused/unregistered/hidden away and unloved.
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And most of them struggled to get back what they originally cost 30 years later.

This was the case until about 5 years ago…now things are on the move with DeLoreans prices….but not £100k…thats just daft. ( in my opinion)

Lets put it this way…i'd sooner have 3 John Denny type cars than this one!
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I'd sooner have any car you could actually use
$100k for a project Delorean? Even JZD would have trouble selling that idea!!!!!
Interesting that it is only for sale in US mag at the moment
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