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Delorean wanted for photoshoot, Andover, Hampshire.
I was wondering if anybody in the south of England would be interested in hiring out or letting us use a Delorean for a photoshoot I am planning in the town of Andover. It's for a film themed selection of photographs I am working on. The guildhall in the town looks very much like the clock tower on Back to the future so I have always wanted to get a Delorean parked up near by in a set of photographs.
I am happy to pay a fee. It would make a fantastic picture and I would be very grateful of any help.

Many Thanks
First question will be do you want an original Delorean or a Time machine replica?
I would be happy with either really, The time machine replica would be a little more authentic for my picture needs but but I certainly wouldn't grumble with an original Delorean.
I would have thought either BTTF Brian in Bognor, Ollie Wilkes or Tom Redaway who all have BTTF cars would not be that far away from you. Perhaps you should start with these 3 gents as they have a BTTF car? All can be contacted through the forum.
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Many thanks for the replies, I will get in contact with these gents.

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