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Irish Lotus Weekend. 4,5,6th September 2015
At the request of the Irish Lotus club:


Hello Folks,

Did anyone of you lot trash the toilets or have a nice, embroidered set of towels & shower gowns ! ~ I'm only joking;

but we have been "gazumped" by the Slieve Donard. They were looking for an extra big slice of money & hinting that their rooms were filling up fast.

Anyway, I wasn't impressed with the rooms or the food. (As it was supposed to be a 5* hotel, we hadn't asked to see the rooms, when we booked it !)

So; we have looked around & found another hotel, which is in Donegal. The Redcastle Oceanfront, Golf & Spa Hotel.

We have had very good reports on this one & I hope it is not too far away for yourselves.

See attached Flyer which is being Emailed to all area leaders & being sent out with the April mag.

If you are going to come, please reserve ASAP, as it seems that most hotels over here are getting a lot of bookings for that time of year.

I hope you are all well & look forward to seeing you all at this W/E.

PS: Let me know when you have booked !

PPS: The report for the 2014 W/E is with Jane & will be published in the April Mag. ~ I had a video camera on my windscreen & have sent 7 No. one minute clips of the touring, over to Jane & asked her if she wouldn't mind putting these up on the "Members Area" on the club website. She said that they will have to get around to finally setting up that portion of the site & getting it working fully !

PPPS: Chris Williams; any chance of putting this up on the DeLorean website, both UK & Eire; just in case anyone from your club would like to come !

Thanks to all & hope I haven't missed anyone !.

Robin Walker.
Membership Secretary DOC UK
2021's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584
Info passed on to MML whos on this site, he only has to roll out of bed to attend this event.

Should be a good weekend, I met the Lotus guys at their last Irish get together a really nice bunch of people. Might take a day trip up to this one Big Grin
Woohoo! Talk about an event in your back yard! Will be joining in the convoy I hope... fingers crossed there will be some nice Esprits...

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