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Delorean won't start
Nice one! Glad you got to the bottom of it.  Cool

Nick H
DOC 650
Jaguar X-Type
Range Rover Sport SDV6 "Rufus" (Mrs H's motor)
DeLorean DMC 12 Vin#2862

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(07 Sep 2019, 12:46)Stuart Rees Wrote: Great news!

Great stuff, so much more satisfying when you can sort it out yourself. ....albeit with a bit of advice.

 I have to admit, i've only removed a distributor cap a couple of can barely see it...let alone get at it!
Chris Parnham

Ex RHD Auto's etc.etc

Main Car.. Kia E Niro 4+
Skoda Yetil 4X4.
Toyota Vitz 4X4 1999 (the smallest 4X4 by far!.
1970 Jago Jeep.

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