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Catalytic Converters Stage II

I have recently imported a 1981 DeLorean from Florida with a Stage II Engine producing a suggested 197 Bhp.

I am curious about the Cats that I assume sit here (see attached image). Is it worth removing these, will it produce any noticeable performance/economy increase?

If it is worth doing, where would I get hold of such a bypass pipe?

Thanks in advance.
In most cases I am a supporter of taking cats off a car that doesn't need them.

In this case I would say leave them alone simply because I don't see much improvement to be gained. The Stage II supposedly has "performance" cats installed, but the engine is nowhere close to 200BHP, probably more like 185to 190 at the crank and around 150ish BHP. The o2 sensor is pre cat so there would be no ill effects on the engine. How strict emissions are in your area is another story.

I would however be curious if removing the cats deepened that hollow exhaust note. If so, that in itself would be reason to do so. That's the one thing I'm not crazy about my car is the sound is a bit overblown for a 2.8V6. Sounds mean at idle, like a v-8 muscle car almost, but once it goes above 1,500 rpm the cat's out of the bag...Ha ha.
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In the UK there is no requirement for them on a car of this age. However if they are performance Cats then it probably isn't worth it as you say.
The car sounds VERY throaty throughout the rev range - pretty loud! I shall try and upload a sound file when I get a chance.

Are they just being optimistic with the stated 197 hp at the crank then?
There are specialist custom exhaust places that I'm sure could make up by-pass pipes for you if you feel you needed them. Personally I would run with it as is for now. You may find it's quick enough for you as is!
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