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My Modified Nike DeLorean Dunks
Remember when these came out? I was able to score 3 pairs over time, including a pair with the Hyperstrike gullwing box. 1000 pairs were made, but they didn't include the silver gull wing box. They came in a regular orange/white 6.0 Dunk box that all other trainers came in. Only 50 (some say 100) pairs were made with the silver gullwing Hyperstrike box and those were sent to press/bloggers. Anyway, since all 3 pairs were 10.5(my size), I decided to start wearing a pair. Most uncomfortable shoe ever! No support, and the top of the toe box is unforgiving when it creases into your foot. Since then, I just put them into the "DeLorean event that only lasts no more than 2 hours" opposed to the 3+ hour DeLorean event category.

Later, I saw MJF on letterman with the light up AirMags. I then decided to modify my Dunks. I thought it would look cool to put door lights in the soles. Here is the result. Don't worry, the pair that came with the Hyperstrike box is still in their shrink wrap.

I used orange lenses for the side and a red lens for the rear, just like their counterpart. They run off a small LiPo battery that tucks into the side. Other than displaying them with my car at a few shows, I don't think I have ever worn them since I made them, but you could. Everything is secured.

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[quote="DMCTodayMichael"] "the top of the toe box is unforgiving when it creases into your foot."

Michael, I think I've identified your 'comfort' problem, you're supposed to take them out of the box before you wear them. Smile
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"Caption" for that last photo....voice of wife in background...

"Michael, have you walked dog do all over the carpet? And HOW MANY times have I told you...get that damn car outta the living room"

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Nice design, neat work; looks good.
Soooo awesomeSmile

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