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Psyching Myself Up For A DIY Body Off Frame Restoration
Ok.... I've made a decision.

In 2016 (Not next year, as it's far too important year), I've decided I'm going to be brave and attempt a DIY body off restoration of the frame.

Next year, I'm going to invest in a 2 post ramp in my unit, specifically for the job. I also intend to gather all the new parts I will need for reassembling the frame, as well as any useful information from people who have been there. Basically come Autumn next year, I hope to have the frame ready to go away for restoration by Christmas, and then hopefully I will do it over the course of 2016, renewing anything suspect, refurbishing the appearance of the engine and gearbox (might even go the whole hog and go stage 1 at the same time, as I know my suspension and brakes are up to it)

The options for restoration of the frame are a challenge in themselves as everyone has a different opinion.

I'm no mechanic, but this is the only way this is going to get done.... I have priced up a drive in drive out service with Ed, and the price isn't out of the way, but at the end of the day it will be that and that only... My way I get to learn and attend to everything I've ever wanted to, including cleaning the bottom of the tub to a concourse standard and replace everything I feel needs changing. If someone else does it, corners can easily be cut without even being aware.

So I'm going to stock pile a shopping list.
I'm sure it will run into thousands, possibly tens of thousands. If I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it right...
So I'll need you all on board!

This isn't something I'd attempt without my own workshop facility, and with the 2 poster, I think it's easier than doing it with jacks and blocks.

And maybe I'll be able to get that pesky fuel sender cap to do up with the proper seal and not cross threaded!

I intend to document everything to prove that even an idiot (me) with the right guidance (you lot) can accomplish anything ( If you put your mind to it!)

Let's enjoy 2015 first...

All suggestions welcome.

Mr P
Good luck with that Ben, its something i'd like to do one day….but i'm too CHICKEN.
Chris Parnham

Ex RHD Auto's etc.etc

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Toyota Vitz 4X4 1999 (the smallest 4X4 by far!.
1970 Jago Jeep.

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I looked at these: at the Classic show - suitable, I'd say. I've seen them quite a bit cheaper too; but it's a hell of an investment before you've even begun the lifting.

I'm with you here. I want to do this but logistically, a pain (and I'm not 100% my garage would take even this shorter lift) plus the investment itself could be spent on restoration items.... food for thought, eh.
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Former Vins# 5641 (Maddie) and 5284 (Hana)

They look like just the job Dan, except the price!

The kind of 2 post ramps I was looking at are similar design but permanent fixture, so a plate runs from one post to another on the floor.

Like this... ... 26_rdc%3D1

These can be had second hand for as little as £300.... I'm not using it day in day out, so second hand suits me!

Space is a bit of a premium, as my unit isn't as big as I'd like it to be, already housing 3 cars, a 22 foot caravan, and a motorcycle... Plus all my other nonsense.

It would have to go in the back corner where the delorean is parked in these pictures, though it doesn't look like there's enough room, I can assure you there is.... It's the only place anyway as the roof is too low at the front and the caravan (it's a newer one now than in the pictures) physically won't fit over the other side due to that wooden post in the middle....

[Image: IMG141_zps3d634a31.jpg]

[Image: IMG074_zps170ee6bb.jpg]

[Image: IMG012_zps764c65b0.jpg]
What a brilliant 'man-cave'. Jealous!
Although I'd throw out that Fiesta! :lol:
That Fiesta is a genuine classic nowadays. They have quite the following (and rightly so). A good one without rot, well, that's something else.

I've given up on lifts - my garage is just too small to do it without too much risk, so I'll have to go the jack/breeze-block route.
Member 101
VIN# 4566
Former Vins# 5641 (Maddie) and 5284 (Hana)

88mph Wrote:What a brilliant 'man-cave'. Jealous!
Although I'd throw out that Fiesta! :lol:

Steady Eddie!

Just because you are a veedub fanatic, don't slate us Ford fans lol.
.On a genuine note, I used to have a Mk 1 Jetta GLi back in the day... Wish I had that still.

And yes Dan, you are right, finding a rot free MK2 is more difficult than finding a a rot free MK1.

My car was actually a concors winner some years before I owned it. As long as I don't show it a rainy day, it should stay rot free.... For now!,

And Karl, unfortunately my man cave isn't as big as it used to be. My last place was 10 times the size at least, but I shared it. Lesson learned, fingers burned.

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