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DMC parts on eBay ending fact, this Saturday!!
I don't know if anyone else has seen this, but if you need a few spares to rebuild your DeLorean this could be for you-auction ending very shortly and plenty of interest! :lol:
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I did have a look at this, however most of these bits can be had off the shelf new. Not really worth much more than the price its at now imo. Handy if you need an exhaust or seat though I guess.
Vin 5921
There seems to be a lot more in the pictures that what's actually in the description.

I personally think that the exhaust and seat/seat covers alone are worth what it's currently on...

Hidden treasures like a N/S hub plastic dust cap, and the ecu (worth taking a chance on... Us owners only have to swap to see if it's a runner) plus a complete front end less the grille ( could make an attractive garage feature/trailer project)

I'm quite tempted and confident you could keep the cream and make your money back parting out the rest...

Some items look familiar, I may well have sold this fella a job lot of parts in the past....


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