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auto or manual pros and cons please
any advice on this please, i know its a question of taste and preference,but are there any pros and cons ,problems,servicing issues etc,and saleability
i would like to hear opinions before taking the plunge
many thanks Geoff
Pro's and cons to both. (in my personal opinion)

Both are generally reliable, but after 35 years could have slight issues, clutch or Auto box computer etc. with either.

Like any car, a manual has more 'driver involvement' . On the other hand changing gear with your right hand takes a bit of getting used to, especially whist threading a wide car down narrow city streets with lots of folk trying to photograph your car!

Generally speaking Manuals seem slightly more desirable than Auto's. and may have a SLIGHT premium, buts its only very marginal.

Having owned both, I preferred driving my last car which was a manual, but my current ( and one to keep) is an Auto!

So pick the bones out of that little lot. Smile
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Firstly, I don't think that transmission type affects the sales price much, if at all. Over all condition etc is much more important.

I will say that I see many more "Wanting to buy - Manual Transmission" want ads than people looking for an auto, so it ,may sell quicker, but again condition will trump that evry time too.

As most cars for sale as <50000 miles, there is rarely a problem with either box wearing out. Manuals have clutch maintenance obvuiously, and a known issue with the fifth gear pinion wearing through the back of the box (I think that's what it is called), whereas the computer governor is a known problem on the auto

I have an auto, in a land of autos, and enjoy it very much.
vin 2743
The stock manual can handle a bit more torque than the stock automatic (I've read 250 ft/lbs vs 200 ft/lbs for the auto), so for moderate engine upgrades (e.g. DMC stage 2/3, Island/BAE turbo) the manual is likely to hold up better. More than that requires upgrades to the manual as well. Only relevant if you intend to modify of course.
many thanks for your input
i am asking the question as there is a auto for sale in the states ..but with a transmission seal leak for $20k
i personally dont mind either but i dont want to choose a transmission with known problems and poor resale..
Also the inability to tow your delorean home should you suffer a breakdown with an automatic.
So no tow ropes or bars.

Ok to tow a manual car though.

Oh, and an automatic frame/chassis isn't the same as a Manual Frame.

No Auto Transmission fluid needed in a manual, Gearbox Oil instead. No levels to check regularly... Not sure how often automatic transmission fluid is checked..

Manual is 5 speed, Automatic is 3 speed... Most of today's autos are 4+ at least.

But a DeLorean is a Delorean... :-)

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