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Make 50 card car models including a De Lorean for £6.99!!
Went to our local garden centre this afternoon (on the pretext of looking for Xmas decks!?), Gordale sell loads of bits and pieces, one section has a load of discount books and I found this gem hidden in the piles of literary marvels.
Cars a Complete History by Simon Heptinsall is new print,£6.99 and worth every penny, the short text doesn't give a negative review either,just states the obvious that we all know.
Two books in one, make the card models (details pretty good) and then keep the smaller info book-cars from the 1908 Ford Model T up to the new 2013 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith will keep you busy over the Xmas hols and away from the tv!
Even the louvres on the rear of the DMC ( grooved hood,no gas flap) pop up for extra detail! Wow!!
#10556 'Ol Stainless' running surprisingly well,Audi A5 2.0T Quattro smug as usual,Wenault Slaguna stationary for the mo',the R.V.Enterprise clocking the U.K.miles up,new fleet addition-Jessica the Daewoo Matiz,silly but 55mpg....!

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