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Looking to purchase
Hi all,

I've just joined the DOC; many thanks to Chris for the membership pack which arrived today.

Myself and my hubby are looking to purchase a DeLorean and wish to know if there are any members out there who may be looking to sell, or, what other cars might be available that aren't already listed on the internet. Rather than simply state a budget, I'll tell you what we're looking for and go from there.

We'd like a running car, in good condition both structurally and mechanically, manual gearbox and it will most probably be LHD, as we're already aware that RHD are like hens teeth and carry a hefty price tag to boot.

What we're not looking for is a project car, or something that will need work to get it back on the road - sorry, but we don't have the facilities to keep a non-runner.

Given the specialism of the car, we'd also welcome some candid advice on their foibles, servicing, maintenance (schedules and costs) and also where to take them for work that does need doing.

While I appreciate a lot of people buy and import from the US, we'd prefer to purchase one that is already in the UK so that we could view 'in person', before parting with our cash.

Many thanks for your help. Big Grin
Welcome, I'm sure you will find your answers here.

Where in the UK are you?

Deloreans already in the country and for sale are thin on the ground at the moment. There are a lot coming over, but that means nothing because those who import them want to keep them.

Realistically you could probably get a car for 15-17k but it will need work, possibly a non runner.

Budget 19k+ for what you require, maybe less if you import.

Seems to be Delorean mania here in UK at the moment so it's either wait till someone sells, though you have to be quick and decide instantly or it will get snapped up - or import.

Hope this helps for starters.

We're in Hampshire, but happy to travel.

As I said in my first post, we don't have the facilities for a car that's a garaged project or a non-runner.

Importing worries me, a lot, in that it's very, very easy to be scammed (the car never arrives), or the car that arrives is clearly not the one in the photos!

Sorry if that makes me sound cynical, but a work colleague of mine was stung on a vehicle he bought on trust and imported from the US, to the tune of £20k. When he tried to contact the seller, they'd vanished into thin air and the bank account he'd transferred the cash to had also been closed!! He had to sell the car on, at a huge loss, because he'd bought it as an apparently fully restored vehicle; something it wasn't and he didn't have the funds for the work to be done.
I understand fully.

When I was searching back in 2006 I seen several scams involving deloreans, and the internet is inundated with them these days.

I too made the decision to only buy a car from the UK. It came at a premium though, nearly 5 k more than I initially anticipated. It's paid off though as in past years, it's almost doubled in value.

Deloreans DO and WILL go wrong, so don't be disillusioned.

You could pay 25k for a car listed as mint here in the UK, and then need it towed from the side of the road. However you could go years with no breakdowns and few episodes, like me. ( I've been lucky in 8 years, but had to tackle some scary jobs)

I never leave my car at a garage for repairs any more. I did, then one day at a car show, some random bloke came up to me and said he'd sat in my actual car, with other people while it was at the garage. He even showed me the picture on his phone of it all... I now do all work myself, and if I'm not capable, I stay with it at the garage.

Servicing is straight forward fortunately.

I do wish you good luck on your search. It will pay off to be a member of the DOC without a doubt!

Hi PAW and welcome to the DOC forum.

The are plenty of folk around Hampshire that can give you advice and help. You will need it until you get friendly with a reliable mechanic or DeLorean friendly garage. The advice given previously by Ben is spot on. But not everyone is happy with the import route. UK cars DO come up for sale occasionally but such is the demand that they don't hang around long.

I see you have joined the Club, have you bought a load of back issue mags? That should be your first move. The best few £'s you could ever spend. Read and digest that little lot and you will be much better informed.

You are obviously looking for a good car and most UK cars are, after being sorted by or for their owners.

You need to budget between £25-30K IMO. Although this sounds a lot, with prices on the increase it should be a sound investment.

We do have a few 'shy and retiring " owners….but not many stay that have to be prepared for a lot of public attention when you own one of these special cars. Can you handle that?
Chris Parnham in Derby  07502 143 433
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BMW X1 4X4 Auto.
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Many thanks, Benjamin.

From my perspective, I'd rather pay a bit extra for a car we can physically go and see.

Don't worry, I'm not disillusioned about the possibility of things going wrong. Over the years, I've owned several classic cars none of which have been immune to what have been essentially age-related problems.

I can imagine how annoyed you were at the person with the photos taken sat inside your DeLorean. I'd feel the same way if it had happened to me. I've always been fortunate to have found private specialist repairers through word of mouth, rather than having to use large commercial concerns. They usually do a better job and have good old-fashioned problem solving skills, as opposed to the scattergun approach of replacing anything or everything, when it comes to fixing things that don't have an obvious fault.

Chris P,
Thank you too for your words of wisdom - I'll buy some back issues of the magazine. The UK price premium is worth the peace of mind alone! My worst nightmare would be losing tens of thousands on an import.

As for the public attention aspect, previous classic cars have taken me to the realms of shows, concours awards and lots of attention already, especially being female in what is a predominantly male dominated environment. I also work in a PR type role, so I'm used to meeting strangers and standing up giving presentations.
Thats OK then.

I remember one of my first small local cars shows. I parked up and this lady turned up and parked next to me in a lovely open top TR6? She asked me about my car and had the full spiel. I looked at her car and made encouraging noises.

As the day passed and my car was pretty well mobbed all day…with hardly anyone looking at her lovely car…and by the time she had heard my talk a hundred times…..she left early and i'm sure never wanted to hear the name DeLorean…..ever again! Sad

The photo was a later visit to the same venue…..a BTTF car is like the above…but with knobs on! Big Grin
Chris Parnham in Derby  07502 143 433
Grey RHD Auto's  AXI 1698 & MGJ 126Y
BMW X1 4X4 Auto.
Mitsubishi Outlander Plug in 4X4
MG ZS EV Plug in (on order)
I think the biggest problem must be keeping people's mucky mits off of the car!

But while finger prints will polish off, belts, buckles, buttons and zips have always been my pet hate......
Welcome to the DOC,

I am one of those 'shy & retiring' owners who have realised what an attraction the car is, based on my experience you won't be disappointed when you become an owner ( I have enjoyed it that much that I me and my Brother have just imported a project car).

We are not intending to sell this car any time soon but I am aware of a couple which may become available in the uk soon.

I think that Chris P is correct with regards your budget, £25-30k for a car that is in good condition seems to be the going rate.

I am only in Southampton so if you want to take a look at another DeLorean in the flesh or want to discuss further, you are most welcome.


Mike Knowlton DOC #761
DeLorean DMC-12, VIN#4208,
Black Interior, Automatic. Grooved bonnet, Gasflap
A guided tour of a DeLorean! Thank you, Mike, that's a very kind offer and one we will take you up on. I'll PM you with some contact details.
PAW Wrote:A guided tour of a DeLorean! Thank you, Mike, that's a very kind offer and one we will take you up on. I'll PM you with some contact details.

You've got a pm!

Ex 1981 DMC Delorean Time Machine owner.

I am an ex owner but again will be buying in the future...

just to point out, the classic car show at the NEC is coming up and the DOC will be there (not sure how many cars this year?)

I will be there with my son on Saturday.

another source for a car, you try Chris Nicholson at PJGrady, he may even be able to source you a US car through PJGrady in the states and get it back here safely.
I know you would not see it, but Chris would assure you of its condition.
we all know Chris well and he has worked on many of our cars and is a stainless Genious!.

I assume you have watched wheeler Dealers Delorean episode too?, you will see Chris on that.


ex vin 1621
Steve Saunders
ex owner vin 1621
doc 370
Welcome to the club & forum Wink

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