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Rear Shims?
So stripping down the car i came across these and wondered how the correct way is to fit and install them? It seems a very bizarre set up and surely with time and stresses they could work loose?

Mine had 4 on one side and 3 on the other, ive attached a picture of them and where they are fitted.

Any help advice with them would be great


It does seem odd but there correct. IIRC they are slightly narrower at the open end so they 'pinch' as they go on so they cant drop out. They do seem to stay in position though!
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They are clamped by the torque load on the bolt. As long as the bolt doesn't flex (!), they stay put. They are designed to "clip" over the bolt shank. I always install them so the open ends of the "c" point down with gravity so they all stay lined up while you do the bolt up. Reinstall them in the same order in which they were removed!
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haha i have no idea how they came off, in hindsight i was not really prepared.

But what do they actually do?
The shims adjust the alignment of the rear wheels, per the below extract from the workshop manual:


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Excellent just what i needed to know, many many thanks

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