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Looking for a DeLorean for sale.
Hey folks,

I am wondering if anyone is selling or knows of anyone selling a DeLorean in the UK for around the £14,000 mark?
I have been looking at importing but thought i would drop a message here.


If £14k is your budget, then importing is the way forward for you, even so, to get a DeLorean back into the UK for £14k, be prepared for it to need work doing to it.

I seriously doubt you will be able to find a UK car that's taxed and tested for £14k, and project DeLorean's in the UK are like hens teeth.
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There is a grey Auto in NI that could be available at £20k…..but thats the cheapest I've heard about in a while.

I agree…..USA.
Chris Parnham in Derby 
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